How to Choose A Prenatal Yoga Teacher

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How to choose a Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Choosing a Yoga Teacher is like choosing a health care provider or a mechanic – You are putting your life in their hands so it is essential that you can trust their advice and expertise. It is even more important to choose a yoga teacher that you can trust during pregnancy and the first year after having a child, when the body is undergoing major shifts and rehabilitation.

True North Prenatal Yoga gets asked all the time – “Can you help recommend a good Prenatal Yoga Teacher in my area?” And we can – Because we care about families and know the importance of your health as a parent – And we keep in touch with all the Prenatal and Postnatal yoga teachers we have trained across the country.

We are confident in our teachers’ ability to offer you high quality and safe yoga. What does this mean and why does it matter? Here is what we have learned in our years teaching and practicing yoga and why it is important to choose your yoga teacher wisely:


Safety is number one. Does your yoga teacher understand the mechanics of the body? This means they know how the body moves and which muscles get stretched and strengthened in each pose. Can your yoga teacher suggest modifications to make each pose easier or more challenging? Or if anyone has injuries or is pregnant and would like additional support? This information helps keep you safe and shows that they have the expertise to modify as you move through your pregnancy.

What do they know about pregnancy and birth?

Anyone can teach yoga these days but what do they really know about pregnancy and childbirth? True North founders Angela Jackson and Sarah Wetmore are both Doulas and yoga teachers, which means our teachers have a much deeper knowledge of the body during pregnancy and postpartum. Beyond the physical changes, we have prioritized additional topics such as: emotional and mental health during pregnancy and postpartum and how to safely return to yoga after having a baby. Contact us to find a practitioner in your area who is well trained in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.


Alignment of the body is an essential part of practicing yoga safely. But does your yoga teacher take care to make sure you stay “in alignment” with your individual body?  Each of us are unique in our abilities to practice yoga and depending on what stressors or injuries we have in our life, each time we step on the mat our range of movement will be different. Make sure your yoga teacher knows how to help keep your body in proper alignment or else you are setting yourself up for injury.

Do they Care

You walk into the studio and approach the front desk to sign in… Does your yoga teacher say “Hello” and greet you?  Do they make themselves available before or after class to answer questions or get to know you personally? At True North Prenatal Yoga we believe that truly caring for your students is number one. We love to hang out in the studio to answer questions and are always connecting through social media in our communities. We want our students to feel safe, supported and connected – Just like a family!

Pregnant or recently Postpartum and want to practice yoga? Email us!

Prenatal or Baby and Me Yoga not offered in your community?

Get in touch with us and we will bring our training to a studio near you.

Cheers and happy practicing!