Teacher Feature – Jess Pinnelli

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What’s your name?  

Jessica Pennelli

Which community do you live in?  

Niagara Region ( St.Catharines ) 

How do you serve your community?

I teach Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in St.Catharines.

How did your prenatal yoga training help you?

It has helped me grow as a yoga instructor, designing classes a little more tailored and personal to those that come to my classes.   I have a better understanding of the yoga postures that work well during pregnancy and how a pregnant body responds to yoga.

What makes your classes special to those who attend?   

I love the connections you make with students, the community that yoga builds is like no other.  I have a passion for restorative yoga, so I try to incorporate some gentle challenges to the postures in my class, followed by a restorative end.  This allows for the body and mind to settle better into the restorative postures. 

Do you have a message for anyone who is considering taking Prenatal yoga training? Where do you teach? Days? Times?   

 I highly recommend True North Prenatal Yoga, it has given me the confidence I needed.  Your journey with them does not end when your training ends.  They are always there for support.   I teach an 8 week Prenatal Session, Saturdays at 9:45am starting in January 2020

Website or social media information.


Insta:  @lostnfoundyoganiagara