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Learning from yoga teachers who are also Doulas means that you get that extra level of care and knowledge. True North trainings offer both information and yoga instruction, but more importantly, the deeper understanding of pregnancy and parenthood that comes from experienced birth professionals.

Angela Jackson

Angela is a Yoga Teacher and Birth and Postpartum Doula.

She specializes in Prenatal and Postnatal yoga and has been serving the families of her community for nearly 10 years. She has been practicing yoga herself for 19 years and felt that yoga became so much more for her during her pregnancies. It was then that she knew she wanted to teach Prenatal Yoga.

Angela created a prenatal & postnatal teacher training back in 2013, and since has trained many teachers in Ontario and Nova Scotia. She is very passionate about leading yoga classes that offer education, support and community.

She feels strongly that a yoga teacher must be well educated on pregnancy and birth so that classes are not only safe but also holistic in their function. Birth is a transformative journey that requires care and attention to the entire being and yoga is a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy this transformation. Supporting women through birth has solidified why Angela feels that prenatal yoga is a key component to a healthy pregnancy, enjoyable birth and postpartum period.

Sarah Wetmore

Sarah is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), and has worked as a Labour and Postpartum Doula for 8 years in Canada, the United States and Argentina.

Currently she works full-time as a Doula and in-home caregiver for some of the children she has had the pleasure of knowing since the day of their birth. Sarah thoroughly enjoys her life work and wishes that all families can feel loved and cared for. Through her work as a Labour Doula she encourages birthing people to access their inner power and voice in such a transformative part of their life.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training 200hr in 2013 and has been practicing yoga and mindfulness personally for the past 14 years.

Sarah also has a passion for fitness and holistic family wellness and stays current with changing research and trends by attending continuing education workshops on birth and women’s health related topics.

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