Preconception to Weaning: Breast Health with Akari Yokokawa – June 15th 8pm EST *Postponed*


DATE: Monday, June 15th 8pm EST

A downloadable recording will be available until 6pm EST the following day.

Perinatal Breast Health Through Mind & Body Cultivation

 Pregnancy to postpartum is a life changing experience for many and it can be quite challenging that taking care of yourself seems almost impossible.

 But let’s remind ourselves that, nurturing and growing a new life is miraculous, and cultivating our body and mind will enlighten the whole experience, and you so deserve it!

 Let’s take a pause, embrace what your body has been going through.

And honour the hardship and beauty it brings.

 While many information regarding this time period is abundant, there seems to be no one single class that discuss about breast health to honour them.

But breasts are miraculous and extraordinary!

Let’s not forget perinatal breast health.


In this webinar, the focus is 100% you, who are pregnant or nurturing your new family.

We will explore the physiological (body) and psycho-emotional (mind) transitions from prenatal to postpartum, and we will discuss various topics through the lens and philosophy of holistic medicine especially from the view of the breast health.

 This is a gender neutral class that focuses on the health of the new parents and their body and chest/breasts.

 We will go over the following topics to explore how to enrich your perinatal life and cultivate mind and body, especially related to breast health

  Quick review of mind and body from Pregnancy to postpartum

  Breasts and its extraordinary power

  Discuss Bonding and Self-Compassion

  Learn 5 emotions and how your body and breasts respond

  Common lactating breast troubles

  Know Your Body’s Cues

  Explore the Five Pillars of Perinatal Self-Care Tools for Breast Health







Akari Yokokawa, R.TCMP, R.Ac, RMT

Akari is a Toronto based Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Acupuncturist, and Registered Massage Therapist. Akari’s clinical focus is pelvic and breast health and she is putting extra focus on lactating breast wellness.


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